Miguel Denga

Welcome to a website dedicated to the incredible career of Miguel Denga and his company, Denga Enterprises. Currently, Mr. Denga serves as CEO and founder of Denga Enterprises, a company specializing in comprehensive transportation solutions for high volume freight transport needs. Since Denga Enterprises’ creation in 2015, Miguel Denga has grown Denga Enterprises from a small transportation company to one of the largest logistics service providers operating in more than ten states throughout the west coast.

Miguel Denga first began his career in the transportation industry eleven years ago as a Branch Manager for Knight Transportation before quickly being promoted to Director of Operations. After working for Knight Transportation for four years, Mr. Denga went on to work as Vice President of Operations for Knight Brokerage LLC and as a Manager for Hill Brother’s Logistics in 2014. During his time working for other transportation and logistics companies, Denga learned the importance of dedicated customer service and experienced motor carriers to build a thriving transportation company. When Mr. Denga set off to create his own company, he took these lessons with him, where they became the foundation of Denga Enterprises’ core business values.

Mr. Denga founded Denga Enterprises with the mission to tailor their services to their customers and not their customers to their services. Over the past five years, this mission has been realized, and Denga Enterprises has grown a loyal customer base around its impeccable service and professional staff. Denga Enterprises’ services predominantly California and Arizona; however, the company has expanded to other states such as Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. While initially offering mostly general freight services, Denga Enterprises has also expanded its services to include less than truckload (LTL), flatbed services, expedited services, intermodal, and refrigerated transport. Since this expansion, Denga Enterprises’ clientele has included a number of food and beverage suppliers as well as pharmaceutical companies.

There are numerous complexities to starting a trucking company, as Miguel Denga realized when first creating Denga Enterprises. While starting any business can be quite challenging, starting a freight transportation company requires hours of not only creating a comprehensive business plan but researching legal structuring, financing, c, and company insurance. From this experience, Mr. Denga learned the importance of organization and proper research in order to fully prepare for the many intricacies of starting a business. Before beginning the process, Mr. Denga encourages young entrepreneurs to ask themselves these questions:

  • What size company do you hope to create?
  • Will you own or rent your freight trucks?
  • Will you contact other owner-operators and start a hybrid carrier-brokerage?
  • What will your operating costs look like? Fuel expenses, taxes, leases, and employee salaries should all be accounted for.

Once a person has asked themselves the questions listed above, they will be able to create a more detailed and extensive business plan and accomplish objectives more quickly in the future. Once a business plan has been created, Mr. Denga suggests starting on the startup’s legal and insurance aspects. Due to the nature of the business, commercial trucking insurance can be not only expensive but extensive. It is essential to fully understand insurance requirements and plan for at least $750,000 in insurance coverage, general liability coverage, and primary liability trucking insurance. Mr. Denga recommends filing well in advance and researching the various legal documents associated with starting a trucking company. For most businesses, filing as a limited liability corporation will help protect personal assets in the event of company debts accumulating. While this has been a quick overview, in the future, Mr. Denga hopes to discuss the process of starting a trucking company in greater detail. Within the last few years, the American transportation industry has undergone significant changes in navigation, automation, and energy-saving technology. In response to the growing number of studies that have shown the enormous carbon footprint left behind freight transportation, many transportation companies have undergone a green-energy initiative and have pledged to do their part to reduce their carbon footprint. Additionally, despite the increase of freight transportation, many trucking companies have reported a reduction in highway accidents within the past few years. This is largely due to the technological improvements in brake systems, navigation, and less demanding delivery schedules. Within the last few years, the trucking industry experienced another great change in the form of a new system designed to calculate shipments’ size using static machines. These static dimensional machines helped trucking companies around the globe by accurately measuring modernly packaged boxes and yielding quick dividends for numerous companies. This new system has allowed trucks to more easily reach total capacity and increasing maximum returns for many trucking companies. Mr. Denga is proud of the headway the transportation industry has made within the past decade and anticipates the next decade will see even more technological advancements incorporated into freight transportation. 

In the near future, Mr. Denga hopes to use this website as a resource for young entrepreneurs and those looking to enter the freight transportation sector. As a business owner and long-time member of the transportation industry, Mr. Denga is uniquely equipped to share the freight transportation industry’s insights and business practices. In upcoming blog entries, Mr. Denga hopes to address some of the most commonly asked questions regarding business ownership and transportation, as well as his experiences within the industry, new and noteworthy transportation news, how to start a business and some of the most common mistakes made by freight transportation companies. Throughout his career, Mr. Denga learned from his past mistakes and grown into a valued member of his community. While Miguel Denga understands the importance of learning from one’s mistakes, he hopes to share some of these experiences with readers so they may learn and not have to experience the mistake personally. If this blog has not yet answered a specific question, please return to this blog for frequent updates, as Mr. Denga may answer your question in the future.

Mr. Miguel Denga encourages readers to return to this site to read the latest from his blog, as he will provide updates on both Denga Enterprises and the transportation industry.